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How social media hashtags can help improve your business

Since social media has become the means through which most of the marketing is done these days, hashtags have become the key to getting more traffic for your content. Hashtags are able to improve the search ability of your content, it can boost impressions and encourage people to talk about your brand more.

What are hashtags and how to use them?

Hashtags are available to give your content a category. By adding a hashtag to your content, the hashtag is indexed by social networks and the content becomes easier to search and discover by other users and not only your followers. Hashtags originated on Twitter by Chris Messina a social technology expert who in 2007 used hashtags in a tweet he sent out and has been used ever since. Twitter officially brought these into their platform in 2009, which was then followed by Instagram in 2010 and Facebook in 2013.

Why are hashtags important?

  • Hashtags are able to generate greater action from the audience. If a person sees a post that they like, they are likely to spend more time on the content of that particular page with that hashtag.
  • Hashtags can help your brand in finding their core audience with specific hashtags that are only used by any similar brands and filters out the rest of them.
  • Hashtags help in putting the information you desire right in front of social media users making it easier to access.

How to use hashtags to grow your Business?

One of the most valuable ways to use hashtags is to help grow your business. Using hashtags for your business means being able to gain a spot on social media to connect with the right people. For successful marketing through hashtags, identifying the right hashtag for your brand and content to reach the right audience is the key. Search similar brands and businesses on social media to help you identify what your audience is seeking and what they search for. Check out the latest hashtag trends to figure out what content has the most engagement and what content does not. It is important to be very specific and selective in the hashtags that you choose to use. It will ensure that your brand is being promoted using that hashtag as well as attracting potential customers. For any brand, it is important to create your place in this market by using a hashtag that is unique and creates your business personality.

With our expert team working on helping you grow your business, we have the best techniques available to identify and highlight what your brand requires and create unique hashtags that will set you apart. To increase the chances of your brand to grow, let us know!