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5 steps to building a strong Brand Identity

If your brand is in its early stages or preparing to rebrand and aren’t quite sure where to start from, follow these tips to move through the process with ease and build your brand a strong identity that sets you up for success:

Step 1: Conduct a Brand Audit

The first step to creating a brand identity starts with completing your market research. To start off with creating your brand, you need to determine where you stand in this marketplace and understand your customer base. For any brand, the first thing to do is for the company leader to uncover the most important growth tools and analyzing and understanding in depth of what your product and services are providing and how it is viewed by your customers. Further, to determine where you stand, an in depth analysis and reviews of your competitors websites, search engine optimization, branding and advertising techniques needs to be done. This will help employ a smart strategy that will distinguish you from the rest of the market.

Step 2: Complete Your Brand Strategy                          

Your brand’s identity is the means to executing your brand strategy. The brand strategy is a detailed plan outlining what you’re brand is trying to achieve and it’s functioning. For successful branding, a company needs to identify what their core philosophy is. For every brand, a core mission statement and values are a very integral part of establishing a brand and also important to determine your brand’s value proposition to the consumers. This builds a foundation for your brand’s identity.

Step 3: Understand What Brand Identity Is

Once you are aware of what your brand strategy is and what your brand’s purpose is inside and out, you then have to bring your brand to life and give it an identity. Several strategies are applied to help a brand grow and build brand awareness. When designing your identity, you need to create a visual language for your customers that is comprehensive and appealing. This includes building a brand logo, a colour palette, typography, illustrations, web design, data visualization, design system and many other elements that work together in building your brand’s identity.

Step 4: Integrate language you can use to connect and advertise

After all the steps you have taken to establish your brand within your company and developing it, you now integrate your brand into the community. Quality content is the way to go when integrating your brand into the community. The right content brings your brand the right attention. Use the language that matches the personality of your brand, you set the tone of your business that will be integrated throughout the entirety of your business. Further, designing advertisements is the most efficient and effective way of introducing your brand to the world, and the best tool to spreading your content is the use of social media. Social media helps building your brand up and giving it an identity with your customer base.

Step 5: Analyze and Refine the Brand Identity

It is crucial for a brand to establish its fundamental values to the customers with its identity. However, with the changing world, every brand needs to evolve overtime to keep up with the competitive world. Thus, to remain competitive businesses, there is a need to keep monitoring progress and analyzing the areas where changes are required. Your brand’s identity is not just what you set into motion and forget about, it is all about reflecting on your thinking, your character, your values, and blending these attributes with the changing world. Therefore, to keep your message going and keeping your unique perspective alive, you need to keep visiting these steps constantly to make sure your business remains relevant.

Oxbridge Digital helps you build your brand’s identity the way you want it, giving you a unique image in this competitive world. Get in touch with us to learn more!