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Memorable Acknowledgment: OD Team’s Triumph at NCUK Recognition Event Held at Serena

In a momentous gathering at the prestigious Serena venue, the Oxbridge Digitals (OD) team experienced a highlight in their journey as they were bestowed with Certificates of Appreciation. The event witnessed the presence of distinguished individuals, including; Usman Akram, Managing Director of Oxbridge; Maria McKenna, Global Director of NCUK; Syed Muneeb Khawaja, Marketing Manager Oxbridge Digital; Muhammad Zulfiqar, Project Manager Oxbridge Digital, Irtaza Hassan, Country Head of NCUK; Waqar Malik, Web Developer at OD; Mehir Batool, Head of Designers for OD; Muhammad Shahroze, Designer at OD; Zahid Sarohi, SEO Manager at OD; and  Alishba Khawar, Marketing Associate;  for OD.

The evening unfolded with speeches that resonated with gratitude and recognition. Maria McKenna, in her address, commended the unwavering commitment and creativity of the OD team. She underscored the pivotal roles played by each member in contributing to the success of NCUK’s Study Abroad Expo in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. The certificates awarded were a tangible token of appreciation for the OD team’s exceptional dedication to promoting and enhancing the NCUK brand, successfully navigating the complexities of marketing, and orchestrating impactful events.

The OD team, elated and humbled, shared their journey of working day and night to ensure the success of the Study Abroad Expo. A collaborative effort that not only strengthened the partnership between OD and NCUK but also provided valuable opportunities for prospective students in Pakistan. As the team graciously accepted their certificates, they expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment and vowed to continue their pursuit of excellence, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and innovation in their endeavors. This celebration not only marked a significant milestone for the OD team but also highlighted the power of collaboration and dedication in achieving shared goals.


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