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How to design a landing page that converts

What is a landing page?          

A landing page is a static page that acts as an agent that assists in moving leads to becoming customers, its single purpose is to make a sale and capture a lead. A landing page is a single page that is used in digital advertising for viewers and potential customers to have a page to land on if they decide to click on an advertisement or a post. Typically a landing page does not include a navigation bar and don’t link to other pages. With additional links on your page, you do not want to distract customers because the main goal of your landing page is to convert the audience.

An effective and a good landing page needs to highlight your product’s benefits and its main features. It needs to do this precisely and concisely using language and material that your target audience will respond to.

Here are 6 steps to creating a landing page that converts:

  1. Know the Purpose of your landing page 

The first step for designing a landing page is what you intend to accomplish with your page. With a landing page, the main purpose is to create more conversion. More conversions consists of making sales, generating profits, gaining subscribers for an email list, gaining subscribers that will click through your content or turning a free user into a premium one. Thus, knowing what you are aiming for is the first step to creating a smart landing page.

  1. Add a touch of personality

Most effective tool when creating a landing page is to make sure you add a bit of your personality into the page so that your page can convey a tone for any audience they are selling to without overwhelming them.

  1. SEO: Optimize your page for organic search

Without optimization of your landing page, your target audience will not be able to find it. For the best conversion for your landing page, identifying key phrases and keywords that helps audience distinguish you among others is the key. That is, smart SEO for your page is of utmost importance

  1. The lighter the page, the better the response

Landing pages need to portray a quick stop on your site that is aiming for a specific goal. It shouldn’t be cluttered with a number of images and unnecessary text. Thus, to get greater conversion the landing page should be kept simple and light so that it is easier for the information to reach the customers in a short span of time.

  1. Make your Call-to-Action clear

Within the first few seconds of arriving to a landing page, it should be apparent as to what your page is trying to achieve and accomplish. When visiting any page, most people skim through it and click away, meaning, you only have a matter of seconds to convince your audience. Therefor, the call to action needs to be direct, easy to spot and clear in its intentions.

  1. Write a compelling header

The page header is the first thing that people see on your page, meaning you have approximately five minutes to grab the attention of the reader with a compelling and interesting header. Thus, for your page to reach maximum number of conversion, having a header that grabs attention is of great importance.

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