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Improved security in Pakistan leads to changes in UK Travel Advice

Marking an end to one of the most exciting years for Pakistan’s travel history, 2020 has brought with it massive good news for Pakistan and its people.

Pakistan’s travel situation had been under severe scrutiny because of its unpredictable security conditions. However, in recent years, the conditions have improved drastically, giving way for travel to pave its way.

As a result, the UK has recently changed its travel advice to reflect the improved security situation in Pakistan. This announcement is the outcome of a comprehensive review of UK travel advice for Pakistan which is based on a complete and widespread assessment of the security situation of the country. After 2015, this is the first major update that has come into light in respect to Pakistan’s travel conditions.

This improved security conditions brings with it a numerous benefits for the country. A statement was issued by the British High Commission on the 24th of January 2020 which stated that when it comes to travel, this new situation allowed the return of British Airways to Pakistan in June 2019 and the very prestigious visit of the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge to Pakistan in October 2019. This visit marked a major milestone of Pakistan’s new and improved security conditions.

The announcement then led to the arrival of Dr. Christian Turner as the new high commissioner to Pakistan who stated that this travel advice is the top priority. He praised the Pakistan Government’s on how the conditions have improved so drastically for the country.

“It is great credit to the hard work of the Government of Pakistan in delivering improved security over the past five years. I am delighted that British nationals will be able to see more of what Pakistan has to offer,” he said.

Among other changes, the advice now allows for travel by road to the North of Pakistan as well as the Kalash and Bamburet Valleys. Previously, Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice had put restrictions on the travel of the full route from Islamabad to Gilgit. However, with this new travel update reduced the restriction on a section of the Karakoram Highway between Mansehra and Chilas.

This is a great moment in history for Pakistan as more and more British Nationals will be willing to travel to Pakistan with this new and improved travel advice. With travel, this new and improved UK travel advice brings a number of opportunities for investments in Pakistan and its people. Pakistan constitutes of one of the world’s youngest population, thus this change gives way to the people of the country to show their potential and their abilities along with showcasing the beauty and nature of this country.

Watch the full video below