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3 Types of Social Media videos that work for any Business

For any business, social media marketing has now become the key to success. With social media marketing comes various tools used to help improve marketing and attract more audience. In this day in time, video marketing is one of the most effective tools of social media marketing. With video marketing, the audience is more likely to engage with your brand than it would have otherwise. Watching a video becomes less time consuming and more interesting than just reading about it. However, finding the right kind of videos for your brand or business is also of utmost importance and what sets your brand ahead of the others.

 There are 3 types of social media videos that are effective for any business:

1. How-To Videos

How-to videos can be fascinating and informative for your audience and can help them understand what your product and services are all about. Posting a how-to video on social media can help viewers engage with you more and encourage them to seek information about your business. For the best results on your how-to videos, a call to action message at the end of the video should be added to invite the viewers to further visit your website and explore your product and services.

2. Product Videos

Product videos are an efficient way to increase your conversion rates. By showing your audience a video that highlights your product and shows its benefits, it can leave a strong impact on the audience. For any new product that your business launches, product videos should be a key marketing tool to assist with its launch. With a product video, it becomes easier to convey information about your product through a more visually appealing manner.

3. Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonial videos show your business from the perspective of a customer, thus being an effective way of marketing. Naturally, hearing about your product from someone who isn’t affiliated with your business makes it easier for viewers to recognize what you are offering and increase your chances of turning viewers into customers. When making any decisions regarding purchases, researchers tend to look for reviews. Thus, with a customer testimonial video the level of trust in the review is higher because the viewer is able to hear and understand why the customer is satisfied with the product and then make their decisions accordingly.

These are the three most effective social media video tools that set your business apart. To help increase your marketing through videos, get in touch with Oxbridge Digital’s marketing experts today!