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Why is Photography important for your business’ online presence?

For any business, a picture isn’t just worth a 1000 words, rather it is worth more-revenue. Good photography can either make or break a business. Especially in this modern technological world, photography is the key to getting your brand an online presence. Naturally, customers seek the least time consuming way of spending their time researching. Meaning, they look for the fastest way there is that will give them the required information they need in less time. This puts all the attention on visual satisfaction; the images. Images portray a product in just a glance. If the image is appealing, the likely the viewer is in engaging with your brand for a longer time.

Social Media

In this digital age, photography is an essential tool for good social media presence of any brand. Thus, if you are chasing your customers on Instagram or Facebook, use compelling images to get a head start. Recently it is found that Facebook posts with photos are generating 2.3 times more engagement than a post without any image. This emphasizes the importance of photography for any business.  The way Facebook’s algorithm is generated, if your business’s posts aren’t getting any engagement they are not being seen. On the other hand the only way to get any traction from Instagram is through images. Considering that Instagram has around 1 billion users, it is of utmost importance for the success of any brand to be engaging with their customers using Instagram as well.

With good photography of any business, customers are more likely to keep visiting your social media more than once. It leaves an impressive impression on the viewers and gives them a reason to come back to your page again. Good photography can make your brand stand out from any similar brands on social media and make your brand the one to watch out.

Photography can also be a great source through which any company does its hiring. It can save your company money and be a great recruiting tool. Companies having a strong employer brand tend to have 43% less hiring cost. The best way to create a strong employer brand is by posting pictures of your business culture on social media and your website. Highlight the most important events, team outings, office life to let your employer brand recruit employees for you.


Product photography uses specific tools and techniques of products in a way that attracts potential customers in purchasing the product. It is an essential part of advertising through social media and other online platforms. It is also an important part of online and offline advertising for successful magazines, brochures, billboards, catalogues and more.

When looking for a product, customers tend to visit the product page to look for proof of quality and of value. Images shape the first impression any viewer has of a product creating the pathway to further investing their time into browsing and purchasing the product. Thus, for any photograph to have a successful impact on its customers it needs to be able to engage the audience and convert them. Good and engaging photographs inspire the customers to take action.

If you’re looking to help your business grow and succeed, it’s time for you to add good photography into your business and market it the right way. Good photography can turn your business into a recognizable brand. Get in touch with experts at Oxbridge Digital and market your greatest photographs for your brand to reach maximum audience!