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5 Qualities of a good website design

Business in this day in age solely depend on their online platforms for any success, but what do we mean when we say businesses depend on online platforms?

With more and more people adapting themselves to the changing environment and getting accustomed to the internet and other online activities, online business has become an essential component of every business.

Thus, for an online business, the success depends upon the quality and the content of the website. With online business being a very competitive market, consumers want the absolute best for their website. With everything starting from the user experience to the product listings, it all plays a major role in the success of a website.

A good website design has some important qualities that cannot be overlooked. Here is a list of 5 qualities that a good website design must have:


First and foremost, the most important quality that every website should possess is that they are fulfilling their purpose. Meaning, a website that is responsible for any product or any service must focus on the purpose of their respective website. Just like for a website aiding to e-commerce, their main focus is to directly lead customers to their main function, which is online shopping. Thus, a good website design makes sure that their desired purpose is being served through their website.

User Interface

User interface is another important factor that can make or break a website. For the best experience, the user interface should be appealing, yet kept simple. Keeping the things simple makes it easier for the user to navigate easily without any interruption. Adding too many options or too many buttons on the home page makes it confusing for the user to route through. Do not clutter the website unnecessarily with unimportant information.

Infographics and images

To make your website more appealing to the masses, there should be a smart and attractive visual aspect to it. For that, make sure to ass more relevant images that relate to your content. Several images and infographics can be used in different parts of a website, as arrows, as banners and more. With images and infographics, your content pops out and makes the user want to look at what your website has to offer.


A good website design always caters to different devices. Meaning, that for every device it should be optimized so that it can be used wherever and whenever. As the internet is gradually shifting from the desktop to mobile phones, it is necessary for any online content to work just as well on a mobile device.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To make your website more visible for the world and for it to appear on search browsers, you have to optimize your content. That is called search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization requires for any marketer to use relevant keywords and phrases that people commonly search for. This helps bring your website in the eye of the viewer.

These are some of the qualities that make up a good website design. If you are looking to work on your website and its design, get it touch with experts at Oxbridge Digital.