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Black Friday is here!

When we think about Black Friday, we think about Sale. With costs reduced down to up to half its price, it is the day that is being eagerly waited for the entire year.

So what is Black Friday and how did it come into existence?

Black Friday

Black Friday is the name given to the day after the Thanksgiving holiday and has become part of a worldwide tradition that buyers eagerly wait all year round for. It is considered as a shopping day. It was originally called black Friday because the amount of traffic accidents that took place because of the large sum of shoppers.

On this day, places around the globe introduce startling sales on their respective products to attract consumers. With products being sold at less than half their prices, black Friday provides a platform for sellers to sell their products before the year finishes. Further, it provides buyers with the opportunity to find what they need at affordable prices.

People stand in long lines for hours before the stores are opened to get their hands on their product of choice before it runs out. Often, this line starts being formed several hours before the store is to be opened. In recent times, this trend of black Friday has reached the online platform as well leading to sales on various online brands.

Recently, most places have started their black Friday sale even before Friday approaches, some starting on Thanksgiving Day and some even starting a few days or a week before. This year Black Friday falls on 29th of November, right at the end of the month and closer to New Years.

Get your black Friday shopping list ready for this Friday to avail the best discounts of the entire year!