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Working from Home – The New Normal

As the world has slowly evolved into this new normal of the coronavirus pandemic, workplaces all around the globe have implemented the work from home as a long-term plan. Initially as a result of social distancing, work from home has now gained immense popularity because of its efficiency and cost minimisation for many companies. 

The following tips will help you guide the way to effectively work from home and become accustomed to the new normal:  

  1. Designate a Specific Workspace 

One of the most effective ways to give your hundred percent while working from home is having a designated work space that is away from all distractions, a separate space.  Make your workspace comfortable enough for you to want to spend the next few hours sitting and working.  With a separate space that is entirely allocated for your work, it will feel as though you are entering into your office when you start and leaving the office once you are done. 

  1. Keep Clearly Defined Working Hours 

Just as you have allocated a separate space for your work, you should proper working hours allotted for your work. This will allow you to do all the work in the specific time slot, along with giving your all and will make the transition from work life to your home life easier. This will give you to opportunity to hold yourself accountable for your work without slacking along with making sure that you are not over working yourself. 

  1. Set your Weekly Goals  

Working from home can be daunting at times, not knowing what to do at what time or having way too much time on your hand but not being productive. One way to make sure that you are giving your best to your work is by setting your weekly work goals. Meaning, at the beginning of the week decide what work needs to be done by the end of the week and what can be done later on. This will give you the flexibility and the ease to be able to finish that specific work by the allotted time without your productivity decreasing.  

  1. Communicate with your colleagues and managers 

If you don’t usually work from home, it can be a little overwhelming and difficult to suddenly go remote. The key to steering away from all the bumps during your work is communication. Make sure that you are regularly checking in with your work colleagues and your managers to keep updated with everything that is going around. Especially when work becomes confusing and unclear, make sure to ask questions and get the appropriate feedback you need.  

These few tips will assist you in working more effectively and efficiently while at home. Digital platform gives you the ability to stay connected and keep in touch with your work without much difficulty.