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Social Media Month in Review: February

Every day of every month, social media is going through constant changes and constant updates. New technologies are being introduced, new apps are being invented, and old versions of various software’s and social media platforms are being redefined. Here is a review on social media in the month of February:

  1. Snapchat launched Bitmoji TV

Last year Snapchat launched one of the most interesting and now the top used social media emoji/avatar; the Bitmoji. However, this year Snapchat has taken to it one step further and launched a Bitmoji TV, after the great success of its Bitmoji series. Here your Bitmoji avatars and your snap friends could star in a full motion cartoon series. Users can easily customize their characters and undertake various adventures and watch these episodes. The first season of Bitmoji TV has ten episodes that the users can find within the app.

  1. Pinterest’ introduced an AR “Try-On” feature for Lipstick shades.

Pinterest just recently became a lot more user friendly and fun to use. Now on Pinterest, searching for any beauty inspiration has become easier as the platform just released an AR “Try-On” feature for lipstick shades where you can actually try on these shades instead of just looking at them. One can simply open the camera in ‘search’ in the app, click ‘Try on’ to find various shades and then swipe up to shop from the different brands. A ‘try on’ button will also appear next to selected products.

  1. Conversation thread on Twitter refined

Twitter’s latest, although a small update allows for a more refined version of the conversation thread on iOS. This new update provides a new layout of the conversation thread that makes it easier for you to see when people you follow are in a conversation. You can also see who is replying to who and can join relevant conversations. This new feature will soon be rolling out on various Android devices.

  1. Facebook Messenger for Business got a One-Time Notification API

Facebook’s new feature allows businesses to get back in touch with potential customers with the relevant updates on Messenger. Facebook explained that explained that with this new feature, business can send a message to the user and ask if they want to be notified on a topic. If the user agrees to be notified on the topic, the business receives a token is permitted to use this token to send out notifications with the information that the user requested at a later time. The feature will also provide and support valuable use cases such as price drop and back in stock alerts, along with other notifications that people might have requested notifications for.

  1. Audience Insights element from Twitter Analytics removed

Twitter recently announced that it will be removing the audience insight tab from Twitter analytics. The audience insight tab by the twitter analytics provides an in-depth data on a following user’s demographics, behaviour, purchasing activity, mobile footprint and more. The Audience Insights tab has been a useful tool for marketers in the past, to help them make any effective Twitter ad strategies. Thus, with this feature now gone, how will marketers change their marketing strategy?

  1. Emoji reactions introduced on Twitter Direct Messages

Joining the bandwagon, Twitter has now joined the emoji reactions trend that every other social media platform has started. Twitter launched the Emoji Reactions for Twitter Direct Messages. To add a reaction to your message, hover over the message and click the reaction button, or double tap on the message and pick an emoji from the pop-up.

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