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Instagram’s dark mode is here!

With every new update, Instagram has something exciting up its sleeve. Just like any other time, this time Instagram brings yet another exciting feature in its new update; the dark mode.

Yes, the dark mode on Instagram is here and the users have already started obsessing over it. As the name suggests, Instagram’s dark mode changes the background colour of the app from its original white to black. With a change so visible, every user will want to get their hands on this newest update as soon as possible.

Here’s why the dark mode might just be one of Instagram’s best features:

Checking Instagram and scrolling through its feed is like a daily ritual for most people, so who wouldn’t want to make this experience easier on their eyes. The default white layout can be an eyesore at times making it difficult for people to focus, especially in dim light and settings. This Instagram update has finally addressed this issue and introduced a dark mode to make it easy on the eyes. This will make the viewing experience of users much more pleasant.

Currently, Instagram dark mode is available for iOS 13 and Android 10. To use this Instagram feature, turn on the dark mode on your phone and let the experience begin!